Guidlines for Successful Applicants

1.    Information letter for successful applicants have been dispatched on their addresses giving details and schedule of down payment & installments. Following documents are to be filled and forwarded to Housing Directorate, NHQ.
        a.   Membership Form.
        b.   Specimen Signature Form.
        c.   Undertaking Certificate.

2.    For deposit of payments, bank details are as under:
       -   Allied Bank, Naval Complex Sector E-8 Islamabad
           (AC # 0680-0010046356420018)
           IBAN PK79ABPA0010046356420018

       -   Meezan Bank, Naval Complex Sector E-8 Islamabad
           (AC # 03250102771222)
           IBAN PK16MEZN0003250102771222

3.    The schedule of payments for different categories of plots and Forms mentioned at para 1 are also available for downloads.

4.    For overseas members, information letters are being sent on their e-mail addresses.

5.    Information letters are to be kept in safe custody for future use.

6.    For any queries, please contact on these numbers (051-20063214, 051-20063994).

NOC/ NDC. Obtaining NOC/ NDC is mandatory prior selling the plot files/ rights. The same may be obtained through e-mail as per specimen or approaching Housing Dte, NHQ are Anchorage offices (Karachi, Gwadar) in person/ through mail. NOC/ NDC charges Rs. 500/- will be received accordingly.

Guidelines for Successful Candidate are also available in Urdu.

Plot File Selling Procedure

❖    Apply for NDC/ NOC (with authorization letter/ power of attorney) atleast 10 days before intended transfer date. Same will be processed/ approved in three working days.

❖    Submission of transfer documents 7 days before transfer date.

❖    Following documents to be submitted as transfer documents:

      ✓  Membership Form (Purchaser)
      ✓  Specimen Signature Form (Purchaser)
      ✓  Affidavit (Seller & Purchaser)
      ✓  Original Information letter (Issued by NHQ)
      ✓  CNIC copies of both Seller and Purchaser
      ✓  Application processing charges deposit slip (in original)
      ✓  NOC/ NDC
      ✓  Deposit slip/ Bank Draft of Down Payment/ Installment (if applicable)
      ✓  Membership & Transfer fee bank draft/ deposit slip

❖    Transfer of plot file will be conducted in the presence of both Seller and Purchaser on designated transfer days at Islamabad, Karachi & Gwadar as per convenience.

❖    Transfer will only be executed through Naval Anchorage Gwadar registered dealers as mentioned in the website.

Loss of Provisional/Original Intimation/Allotment Letter

Upon the loss of provisional/original initimation/allotment letter by any allottee, he will be issued with duplicate letter after fulfilling the following formalities:
a.     Lodging of FIR at the nearest Police Station.
b.     Advertisement in three main Newspapers dailies, for the general public.
c.     Copy of the provisional/original intimation/allotment letter.
d.     Payment of duplicate letter / processing fee (as revised from time to time).