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Property Exchange Centre

1.    NAK Property Exchange Centre (PEC) was established in January 2019 and is working on line to offer reasonable and justified value of plots to benefit our valuable customers. PEC aims to generate healthy competition by offering actually prevailing market price/ value of plots instead of artificially fluctuated/ controlled prices. Following are the salient of PEC:
        a.   PEC shall help restore the confidence of customers in property dealing matters.
        b.   PEC shall help in boosting the overall transactions alongwith prices.
        c.   PEC is being operated by personnel employed by PN; thus it does not entail his personal gains/interests.
        d.   Only Rs. 5000/- shall be charges as service fee are levied instead of 1-2% or evenmore as charged by others.
        e.   Customers are encouraged to conduct property deals through PEC for reliable and fair deals.
        f.    All deals are free from under the table prices/ under cuts or hidden prices/ charges.

2.    We assure best cooperation to seller and purchaser both under very friendly, cooperative and promising atmosphere with 100% reliability.

3.    For any guidance, value assessment or deals of plots; PEC may be contacted.

4.    You are always welcome to share your experience/ views/ suggestion/ complaints.

5.    Contact details:
              Property Exchange Center
              Naval Anchorage Karachi Office
              E-84/1, NORE-IV, Karsaz, Karachi
              Tel: 021-48504377, 21-48504343

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